Sally Sashay

Sally Sashay was one of Pizza Time Theatre's early female guest stars. She was often called the "Beauty from Biloxi" and was also dubbed the "Disco Skunk". The characters often poked fun at her perfume, and were confused as to how someone who made your ears feel so good, could make your nose feel so bad. Sally was rather sassy and would bite back at Chuck E. Cheese's insults and defend her singing1.

Sally was voiced by Lady Bianca2, who would later also voice Dolli Dimples in her second showtape. Sally was only briefly used during 1979 and 1980. Our knowledge of her is limited to an undated showtape reel - Sally I, and a few mentions of her as one of the current guests3 used interchangeably with Foxy Colleen. Of the few photos that have surfaced of Sally, we know she had some alterations to her hair. While her "Now Appearing" photo shows her with the traditional white hair, an alternate version with black hair was also photographed in the wardrobe studio.

If you have any additional information regarding Sally Sashay - documentation, audio, video, photos, etc; please contact us!

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