Segment 1
"Travelin' First Class"

Intermission 1
Thrillseekers: Skiing
Sports Bloopers

Segment 2

Intermission 2
Thrillseekers: Surfing
Sports Bloopers

Segment 3
"Pick 'Em Up And Put 'Em Down"

Intermission 3
Thrillseekers: Skateboarding
Sports Bloopers

Segment 4
"I'm Gettin' Started"

Intermission 4
Thrillseekers: Sailboarding
Sports Bloopers

Segment 5
"Don't Drive Me Wacky"

Intermission 5
Thrillseekers: Freestyle Biking
Sports Bloopers

April 1996 reminds me a lot of the great nose dive of 1998! The songs are original and each song is about little adventures from a file. The first skit starts with R.O.S.E. (Rockin' Onboard Systems Environment). For some reason, she doesn't come back in the rest of the show??? She was first introduced on the August 1995 Show. It was a great follow up to Mr. Mouth. April 96 also lacks character footage! It also could have done without the corny sound effects. These intermissions are not very good. It was the same thing over and over, just a different sport each time. Each skit was about a kid doing a different sport each time and needed encouragement! I guess the only cool thing was that at the begining and end of each skit, Chuck would say "It's the Chuck E Cheese Totally Awesome Kids Showwww!!"

Thrillseekers Intermissions - Some of the "Thrillseekers" footage is recycled from the 'Roll With It' video from Spring Training 1993. Each "Thrillseekers" intermission carried a disclaimer warning that the stunt was performed by a professional.

Copyright Notice - The famous disclaimer is back. It includes the title and copyright information

Chuck E. Says - The LIVE show whith this show was "Chuck E Says", which started with an explanation by the "Chuckettes"

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

This show was boring and, at times, dragged on. It lacked variety, and the intermissions are a weird combination of stunt videos and sports bloopers. It seems like the show team ran out of ideas. I think this is paws down... the worst showtape of 1996.