Segment 1
"Summertime Groove"

Intermission 1
Coke Groove 1
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"In My Pool"
"Beach Song"

Intermission 2
Baking With Betty
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Baseball Diamond Dreams"
"Dog Jammin'"

Intermission 3
Super Jasper
Coke Groove 2
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 4
"Bar B Q"

Intermission 4
Saving Shiloh
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 6
7 Minute Countdown

The 2003/2004/2005 version of Summertime is back for one more round.

No USA Version - The Stand Alone Song, "America", and the 2005 Military Montage intermission do not appear in this show due to some sort of "controversy" about the subject matter.

Intermissions - As before, the CPMN episode has been changed. 2003 had Episode 3, 2004/2005 had Episode 1, and for this year it is the recent Episode 6.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music & video is the same from the April 2005, Summer 2005, September 2005, January 2006, & April 2006 Shows.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

This is a great summer show, but after four years it has definitely run its course. I enjoy seeing this one more time as I get ready for a new CEC summer adventure next year. Now if we can only get that Holiday Show in the vault as well!