Segment 1
"Get Down On It"
"Listen to the Music"

Intermission 1
VeggieTales - Belly Button

Segment 2
"China Grove"
"I've Been Everywhere"

Intermission 2
Artist Spotlight
Coke spot

Segment 3
"You'll Never Find"

Intermission 3
VeggieTales - I Love my Lips

Segment 4
"Is It Love"
"Wrapped up in You"

Intermission 4
PBS Spot
Maya & Miguel
Minutemaid Spot

Larry, cue the curtains! That is, as long as you’ve got a Studio C with real curtains… so now that’s one reason for all the haters to give it credit. This show starts off by getting down with, “Get Down On It” and Jasper laughs at Pasqually bugging out and he’s afraid he might hurt himself there! Or worse… hurt Jasper! Then Helen steals the show with “Listen to the Music” and Pasqually says her song is so ‘chickeny’ and before Chuck pauses for a quick break he emphasizes that the band is a team… maybe a few stores out there could learn from that.

Segment Two opens with a ‘classic’… and we’re talkin’ bout the China Grove! So where is the China Grove? In the middle of the Lone Star state, which just happens to be the home of Chuck E. Cheese’s home office. So when did Chuck meet Jasper? Oh, when he was recruiting for Munch’s Make Believe Band! Munch seems to not recall the event… so Jasper decided to refresh his mind with the song, “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

Celebrate good times…. Come on! It’s time to hop aboard for Segment Three and things definitely start up on the right, err paw! Sorry, I’m still in Chuck mode! I’m not used to being called Jasper! There’s a party going on right here… a celebration to last without the year, and Chuck definitely knows how to kick things up a notch! Pasqually winds up hitting his head on the stage, he was dancing too much… and if you thought he talked too much before, try it now. He thinks he is the big cheese himself and starts saying it’s his place… the name is even on the building! Munch decides to jog his memory by slowing the show down with the song, “You’ll Never Find.” After that song he realizes he is not Chuck… but seems to think he’s been tickling the ivories… and calls for a pizza break. Any guesses on what’s wrong with that picture?

Ladies and gentlemen, its showtime! Put your hands together for the lovely Miss Helen Henny! (that’s all you, Nevin) She’s back and brings us into our finale, Segment Four with “Is It Love?” Oh, and Pasqually is feeling better now. Munch says he wouldn’t like it if Pasqually had the same appetite as him. Chuck says they’re all unique, Helen says, “love you too Chuck” and of course Jasper dives in “aww, that’s so sweet!” So sweet… he decided to sing a song about it… no better way than with, “Wrapped up in You.” Chuck closes the show out in the same way as usual. However… Pasqually attempts dancing again and you hear something break… ohhh boy! Until next time for that answer, I guess!

Store Submissions - Department 18 opened up to the stores, and allowed them to submit footage to be included on the show. Unfortunately, only one store participated, and that’s the end result. Dedication and motivation is everyone’s job, so no one can point the finger now. Find out why your local store didn’t submit anything… it’s pretty sad that stores don’t want to be a featured store on a show.

Birthday Break - Birthday Break Music is new! Don’t get too excited, you should remember it from the January 2007 show as an intermission. You know… the one with the fish? Sure you do! Hey, change is good… even if it’s long overdue!

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

One thing that gets me with every show, is that I look at the line up and say, “I’ve never even heard of these songs.” Then I sit down and watch the show, and I wind up actually knowing them, and having loved them for years, but just never knew what their names were! This show at the beginning received mixed emotions from me. The overall flow of the show is smooth… however it’s missing the energy that January 2007 brought. The year was started out so energetic, fresh and new! And to me, we slowed things back down a step with April 2007. It is kind of disappointing, with this being the 30th Anniversary of Chuck E. Cheese’s to not see any reminiscing done, but hey you don’t know what September 2007 will hold… yet!

I will say this, the April 2007 show definitely has dialogue. For too long the characters pretty much ignored each other’s very existence, so it’s nice to see them talk! Of course, I still feel they could’ve said more. It’s very important for the characters to interact, even if they are via ‘satellite.’ While I hold my one stage close to my heart, I did make a trip over to Missy’s (sungun12) store and watched the show on her Studio C Alpha. This goes without saying, but it is worth mentioning - if you want to experience the glory of Studio C, go to a store with Alpha. Take a look at the big picture, notice the fine detailing of the bot. 32 movements can go a long way, and I watched the programming of not only the bot, but of the advanced lighting. I don’t believe in the butt-kissing, however I have the responsibility to give credit where credit is due. Michael Hill’s programming is amazing… he really blew me away in January 2007 and he continues to impress in April 2007. Certain aspects of the show did not impress me at all, but none of that disappointment came from programming. It’s all in the song selection and dialogue… footage is important for the show, but so is the programming.

I’ve been debating what to rate this show for a while, and sometimes I wonder if I’m too generous or too harsh. After letting this marinate for exactly a month, I’m ready to get down on it! *hits cymbal* I mean, the basics are there, but to me there is nothing that stands out with this show. To me, it didn’t really spice up until “Celebration” and even then it slowed back down afterwards. Here’s a concern I have, and I know I’ll be getting e-mails about this statement. The focus of the company is towards the younger generation, but the show’s focus is on older songs. I’m a huge fan of the oldies, but perhaps we need to introduce some modern day songs. I’m not saying we need Fergie or Usher, but we definitely need to recognize modern day music. The closest they’ve gotten to that was the Kidz Bop commercial from September 2005, “Since U Been Gone.” One thing I see out there all too often is the kids don’t know the song… so they keep going. I’m by no means suggesting another kids show… dear God, not at all. However, I do think there should be a mix of oldies and some modern music included. The intermissions really hurt the show as well. Things are recycled, and overall boring. Shorter or not, they’re boring. This is the 30th Anniversary… why not head out on the field go to stores and have them say, “Hi this is _______ from Chuck E. Cheese’s in ________, enjoy the show!” or something like what happened a few years back? Hey, food for thought. I’ll leave you with that… hop on our new forum and let everyone know your spin on it! We still have a show, so be thankful for that much. MMBB or Studio C… be happy with it, and take a little time to enjoy the view!