Segment 1
"All Star"
"Every Boy, Every Girl"

Intermission 1
CEC TV Couch Family
Surf's Up
CEC TV Aquarium

Segment 2
"Get Up, Get Down"
"Back in Time"

Intermission 2
CEC TV Singing Sweeper
Eddie Coker "The Dog"
CEC TV School at Night
Larry the Technician

Segment 3
"Turn the Beat Around"
"Happy to Be Stuck with You"

Intermission 3
CEC TV Skateboard
Angel Faith Music Video
CEC TV Rocket Boy

Segment 4
"Heart of Rock N Roll"
"This Magic Moment"

Intermission 4
CEC TV Bubble Kids
Veggie Tales - "SUV Song"
PBS Announcement
Sing A Long Guys - "Old MacDonald"
CEC TV Blender

All that glitters is gold… and now we’re playing the show that’s sure to be a winner in the books. Man, I’m so excited we’re starting the show off on the right foot. I mean, mouse, I’m so excited we’re starting the show off on the right… paw. Yeah, that fits better. This show opens up with “All Star” by Smash Mouth, with Chuck singing in an upbeat tone. Following that is “Every Boy, Every Girl” which got a little childish, but hey, it’s a kid’s restaurant! And once you listen to the words, you’ll appreciate the song so much more!

Get up, get down, get funky, get loose! Segment 2 is all about “Get Up, Get Down”… come people, get down, down, down... you know where I’m going with this one! This segment opens up on the right ‘paw’ again if you will, and you can’t help but snap, sing, and just… get down! Each show has its one song that gets stuck in your head, this one could be the top runner, though we’re just in the second segment. Then, we go “Back In Time” with the mention of Dr. Googleplex... you can remember him from his most recent appearance in the April 2003 show.

Alright, kiddos… are you ready to have a fantabulous time? Then put your hands together for Chuck E. Cheese and his band! Segment 3 is my personal favorite, opening with “Turn the Beat Around” from the August 1996 show, affectionately known as the “Awesome Adventure Machine” show. The next song is all about compliments, something CEC is big on nowadays! Yes it’s true, I’m so “Happy to be Stuck with You” could quite possibly be a winner with the parents the most! It’s a nice song, perfect for Jasper T, and very memorable.

They say the “Heart of Rock N Roll” is still beating, and that’s exactly how our final segment opens up! The right note is definitely hit on this one. The finale in this show is “This Magic Moment” and it’s sung by Jenn’s personal favorite member of the band, Pasqually the Chef! This is sweeter than wine, softer than a summertime… it’s this magic moment! I mean come on, tell me that’s not the perfect finale for the 30th show!

Larry the Technician - This intermission features Jeremy Blaido as the voice of Chuck. For those who aren't sure about the voice now, Chuck is now played by Duncan, and Jeremy Blaido is the voice of Jasper T. Jowls. A little history lesson though, Jeremy played Chuck and Jasper at the same time for a while.

Classic Intermission - Who missed the tux and derby? One of the intermissions is the old CEC wink with the whiskers... see it while it's there!

Show Logo - This show's logo is the same as September 2006, so it should be in your memories still. Hey, it was only a year ago!

Bday Break - The Birthday Break music & video is the same from the April 2007 and Summer 2007 shows.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

‘The years start coming, and they don’t stop coming’… what a perfect way to open up the September 2007 show, affectionately known as the “30th Show” that is sure to strike a sense with everyone. This show has been anticipated since it leaked onto the Forum that it would be the 30th show. In the fan community, it was almost felt that the company somehow seemed to forget this was their 30th, and not even a month after that saga was unwound on the forum, CEC released their new website, which said right on it 30 years. Guess that goes to show the haters that Corporate does know their numbers better than one would think, but that’s a debate for another night.

So what do I think about this show? I was a supporter all along, so even if this one sucked I’d still remind everyone that at least there is a show. I’m sure I made a few friends with my harsh remarks on the Summer 2007 show, but hey that’s what happens when it’s my job around here to have an honest opinion. What kills me about this show though, is the intermissions. I’m not going to harp on it anymore because it’s been done plenty in past reviews. I will say this, I like that this show gets repetitive. I love the fact that after hearing it twice I can pick up every word in the show and I cannot find a song I don’t like... even Pasqually’s solo.

Honestly, I really like this show. Of course, one could argue that more could be done on the creative side to really emphasize the last 30 years, but perhaps it’s the past for a reason. This show is a good mix overall and doesn’t feel as ‘scripted’ as some of the past shows… like the Summer 2007 one we discussed earlier. My favorite song is ‘Turn the Beat Around’ because I remember having my sixth birthday party at CEC and this song playing when my mom went in to make the deposit. The memories are in my head, and the store still holds a special part of my heart. I can’t look back at the last 30 years, because that’s almost half my age… but nonetheless it just feels so awesome when you can hold something close to you and remember the past. As I write this, I’m listening to ‘This Magic Moment’ and I understand how it fits perfectly with this show. Very rarely do I actually smile while writing a review, and usually I’m searching for something good to hold onto, and usually it’s the same thing… programming. I love that I write these reviews and it’s not the same crap every week, but I love the fact that the programming gets better and better with each show. You have to watch the shows to notice the difference between each programmer, but this technique seems to work and I’m not going to complain about it. The footage really doesn’t grab my attention, but it never did. I’m not about writing paragraphs about where each thing was shot and who was there… that can be discussed on the forum here.

On a final note though, 30 years is a great mark in history and they’ll be around 30 more… much to many old timer’s dismay. Remember, all that glitters is gold… only shooting stars break the mold. Just think, 10 years from now for the 40th you can say you were a part of the 30th and remember the show. It’s awesome how it feels when you can reminisce. This show gets 4 out of 5 tokens from me because the song selection is truly a winner this time around. Sometimes they’re a bit questionable, but everything in this show makes sense… and this is the first show in a while that actually has a theme, besides the summer and holiday shows, but even the summer show this year missed that bar big time. This show is one of my favorites, so make sure you rock out and enjoy it while it’s playing because we all know what the holidays are like at CEC. Staying positive though, you never know what Department 18 has in store, so all I can say is stay positive and enjoy what we’ve got now!

And what would one of my reviews be without the signature close? Ah well, let’s not kill it. Peace out everyone, tome un tiempo pequeno para gozar la vista… for those of you who were born here, that means take a little time to enjoy the view.