Segment 1
"Good Life"
"It's your Thing"

Intermission 1
Coke Spot
Flushed Away Promo 1
Countdown 1

Segment 2
"I Want You To Want Me"
"Right On The Money"

Intermission 2
Sing A Long Guys- Bingo
PBS Spot
Super Jasper
Countdown 2

Segment 3
"Crazy For this Girl"

Intermission 3
Coke Spot 2
Countdown 3

Segment 4
"Still The One"
"Trash Man"

Intermission 4
Flushed Away Promo 2
Countdown 4

It's your thing... do whatcha wanna do! And we all know, that you want to find out about the January 2007 Show playing at a Chuck E. Cheese's near you! (Wow, I did not mean for that to rhyme!) This show definitely starts the new year out on the right...paw. The lights dim, the curtains open and... ahh, just making sure you were still reading this one! January 2007 starts with “Good Life”... so why y'all trippin? To spice things up this time, Munch is the smart one in Segment One! He starts by thanking the guests to “lighten Chuck's load” and then leads us into the second song, “It's Your Thing”. Segment Two starts off with Helen's take on, “I Want You to Want Me” which is followed with “Right On The Money” by Jasper T. Chuck tries to make a joke by saying his song was, “right on the money” but is only greeted to the delightful sounds of crickets, and Pasqually reminding him that it's his job to make the jokes! Segment Three, is opened with Helen's “Fame” in which Jasper asks Chuck who the guitarist was for that song, to which Chuck responds, “you were, Jasper”.... and much to everyone's suprise, Jasper replies, “Impressive!” This awesome segment is concluded with Chuck toning things down a notch with “Crazy For this Girl”. Segment Four opens with “Still The One” and the final song in this show is “Trash Man.”

Character Performances - Munch, for the first time has taken a huge jump up the totem pole so to speak in this show! He takes the show right from Chuck, and makes himself known! It's about time he says something other than, “Let's take a pizza break!” At the end of the song, “Fame” in Segment Three, Jasper (who is a little wise-mouth... more than ever it seems!) says to Helen, “if you're so famous, let me get your autograph!” Pasqually laughs, and Chuck says, “yeah, sign my paw right here!” anxiously! Helen laughs, and replies, “Sure guys! Just as soon as the curtains close...” Then there's an awkward pause... and it's as if the characters are rolling their eyes. After that, they laugh... and continue on as if it was never brought back up. Two points right there, that was a very clever place for that joke!

Supporting Characters - Towards the end of Jasper's "Right on the Money" the moon from the three stage and the Bird from Studio C are whistling! Jasper says, "huh, what? who is that? Stop it!" The whistling stops for a few seconds, and starts back up again. Jasper gives a little squeal, almost as if he was scared!

Show Logos - This show has four actual logos.... all recycled! Here's the list (thanks Jeff!) Segment 1 - Jan. 05 (Winter1derland)
Segment 2 - April 05 (Robots)
Segment 3 - Jan. 02 (Science/Germs)
Segment 4 - Sept. 00/Sept. 04 (The CEC Show)

Bday Break - The Birthday Break music & video is the same from the April 2005, Summer 2005, September 2005, January 2006, April 2006, Summer 2006 and September 2006.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

I was a little curious as to how we were going to start off 2007, being CEC's 30th Anniversary and a new year on top of it. One thing I've learned is to always have faith and they will deliver! One early Saturday morning, I booted up the show as normal (not knowing the new show was in) and was walking away and the I hear this quick beat in the showroom! The show was on, and “Good Life” was playing! This show has something that's very important... energy! Sometimes you need that boost, and this show definitely brings it! The four different logos was different, too but hey change can be good! One thing that has improved in this show is the character interaction. For the longest time, the characters had nothing to say. It goes without saying that Munch was always the rather clueless one, he always seemed to be a few toppings short of a super combo, so to see him turn around and steal the show from Chuck is, as Jasper would say, “impressive!” I think most fans will agree with me though, one of the highlights of this show is Helen's crack at the curtains closing.

So what do I think about this show? Let's start by saying... watch the programming! In order to get the full effect of this show, you have to watch what Michael Hill has done! I sat down to just watch the programming one night, not paying attention to the monitors at all... just the programming and was completely blown away. You can see there's so much more energy in the characters then there has been in recent shows. (tip... watch Jasper!) Michael did an amazing job programming on this show! Completely blew me away at how much things have changed since he started. If you're reading this Michael, you deserve a pat on the back for a job very well done!

As for the show content itself, I feel myself pleased... but wanting more! This show runs by very quickly, and it surprises me every time it starts back over! A quick jolt, and the band is playing again! I hope we see some mention of the 30th year somewhere over this year at least mentioned in a show. It would be great to have a 30th year show! You only get one chance to make a first impression.. and this show tends to leave everyone happy! I gave this show 4 tokens as I think you can tell there was a lot of energy put into this one! Way to go Dept 18. That's my take, but it's your thing, do whatcha wanna do!