-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

One of the many popular CEC original live shows ever, Chuck E Says is the game 'Simon Says' with real dance moves such as the monkey and boogaloo. This live was retired for a new version with a more techno feel with the current voice actors. This first version still had Chuck E's rougher (rat) voice, and the video was a variety of different clips from different shows/lives. The different Says routines: clap your hands, twist, monkey, jerk, swim, and boogaloo. Although this live official retired in December 2001 when the new remake was issued the following month, this live still appeared on the Summertime 2002 Show and September 2002 Show Studio C dvds.

This is a fun song for kids because it is very interactive. This was the only live show the store I worked at would do...so I knew this live from top to bottom before I left. Even though this version has exactly the same moves as the 2002 version, the new one has a better beat and sounds better with Chuck E's more kid friendly voice.