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Collectable Sections FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated February 12, 2007

The following is a list of answers of questions and topics that all relate to the ShowBiz Pizza Place and Chuck E. Cheese's Collectables. Of course, not every question is included here. If there's a question you have regarding these sections that's not answered below, feel free to contact a member of our Staff for help.

What is the purpose of the collectable sections?

Both the SPP and CEC Collectables pages were an essential aspect of why ShowBiz came to be. It was collecting these items from years past that fueled the desire to bring the online community together. For nearly a decade, these items have been catalogued and posted online as a reference for other collectors. Most collectable guides relating to advertising items or fast food toys mention a handful of Chuck E. Cheese items at most, and nearly no mention of ShowBiz Pizza items is to be found anywhere. Therefore, has made a mission of becoming the definitive place to find information on CEC and SPP collectables.

Where can I purchase collectables - are your items for sale?

Unfortunately no. The items referenced in these sections are from the personal collection of and many photos and descriptions have been provided by fellow collectors. Sometimes you can get lucky at garage sales and thrift stores when searching for older collectables. Your best bet is to search eBay, or visit the Online Shop which is part of eBay. Our inventory is always changing and you just might find the item you've been looking for.

I notice the values are listed as "estimated". Why is this and where do you get your estimates from?

This can be tricky - the basic idea is supply and demand. Many seemingly insignifcant items can command a very high value because there are many collectors after them.

Also keep in mind that the values we list are estimated based on examples in Near Mint or Mint condition. Many older items are not easily found in this condition, so the values we estimate may seem relatively high compared to most actual sales. And remember that these collectables can vary widely from one sale to the next - nothing is worth any more than someone is willing to pay for it.

I have an item that's not listed in your section. Is it rare?

That's hard to say. We do our best to catalogue all of the items we find, but even though our sections contain hundreds of items, there are thousands that we haven't found yet. If you have something you would like to submit to us and help us further our archive of known items, you can contact a member of our Staff for assistance.

I have something I'd like to sell - where can I do that? would be happy to help you find a new home for your items! You can contact us and we'll be happy to give a rough appraisal on your item, and let you know options on selling it.

If you happen to have an item of interest, or an entire collection of items for sale, may even be interested in purchasing it directly from you. We offer competitive prices and would be happy to look into your sale. Please please check our SPP Wanted Items and CEC Wanted Items for more information.

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