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Glass Cups and Assorted Glassware Items

1980s - ShowBiz Pizza Place

Billy Bob / Mitzi Clear Glass Mugs
EST VALUE: $3-8 ea

These are the most common ShowBiz glasses that can be found. Although fairly easy to find, most of the ones I've seen usually have some sort of paint wear (especially fading). These are the only characters that exist for this design.

Billy Bob / Mitzi Milk Glasses
EST VALUE: $6-12 ea

These are fairly common, but harder to find than the clear glasses. They are shorter and made of an oven-proof milk glass. Again, only Billy Bob or Mitzi can be found on these.

Billy Bob / Mitzi Glass (Tapered)
EST VALUE: $15-20

This is a Mitzi clear glass that has the same design as the mugs but without the handle. These smaller glasses are much harder to find than the larger mugs. These glasses have smaller bases and have a 'tapered' form - a Billy Bob in this style is also confirmed.

Billy Bob / Mitzi Glass (Cylindrical)
EST VALUE: $18-25

This is the Billy Bob glass that is similar to the one above. Even harder to find than the 'tapered' style, the style pictured here is the 'cylindrical' version. No Mitzi yet confirmed for this style, but it stands to reason that one exists.

Billy Bob Glass (Full Figure)
EST VALUE: $25-35

This scarce glass features a full-figure Billy Bob and has the phrase "Your Pal, Billy Bob" with a pawprint next to him.

ShowBiz Pizza Place Ceramic Mini-Mug
EST VALUE: $8-12

This little mug is made out of either ceramic or some sort of clay. All it has is the SPP logo on one side, with the other side blank. The shape of the handle and uneven thickness of the glass brim, show how cheap these little mugs were produced.

ShowBiz Pizza Place Stein
EST VALUE: $10-15

This is a large white ceramic stein that has the ShowBiz Pizza Place logo cascading down the front of it (the reverse is blank).

ShowBiz Pizza Place Coffee Mug
EST VALUE: $8-12

This ceramic coffee mug has the cascading style ShowBiz Pizza Place logo as the above stein. Fairly common, as are all these cascading logo items.

ShowBiz Pizza Place Ashtray
EST VALUE: $12-16

Apparently at some point in the past is was acceptable to smoke in a children's restaurant - this souvnier ashtray features the same cascading logo and completes the set of matching ceramic items.

1986 - ęShowBiz Pizza Time Inc.

Billy Bob Coffee Mug
EST VALUE: $8-12

This mug is the size of a regular coffee mug and has the SPP logo on one side, and Billy Bob playing his guitar on the other. Dated 1986. There is a CEC glass from the same year that matches this one.

Billy Bob Mini Mug
EST VALUE: $5-10

This mug is a mini-version of the one above. It has the same basic design, but is about 3/4 the size. Also dated 1986, and again has a small matching CEC version.

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