Is today your birthday?? If so, tune into RADIO SHOWBIZ to hear an hour-long birthday extravaganza starting at 4:00 PM central! Not your birthday? Tune in anyway! This special playlist runs continuously seven days a week, featuring a cavalcade of great birthday tunes by Chuck E. Cheese's, The Rock-afire Explosion, and more!!

The Rock-afire Explosion recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary! So to keep the celebration rolling along, RADIO SHOWBIZ is introducing "After Hours"! Tune in every night at 10:00 PM central for a non-stop stream of Rock-afire hits all night long!

Can't get enough of the classic Pizza Time Players? Neither can we! Tune into RADIO SHOWBIZ on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM central for a 3-hour block of classic Pizza Time tracks dating back to the late 1970s! You never know what or who you might hear - classic guests like Foxy Colleen, Harmony Howlette, Sally Sashay, Madame Oink and more might just make an appearance!

On RADIO SHOWBIZ You'll hear original tracks by the voice actors behind the characters mixed in our regular playlists. However, we have a special Artists Showcase where you'll hear a great mix of only these songs! Tune in Monday nights at 7:00 PM central for an hour-long block of music recorded by the artists behind your favorite characters.

During this special Showcase you'll hear artists including Annagrey, Burt Wilson, Jeremy Blaido, Rick Bailey, Heart Attack Diner, Robert Gotcher Band, Toxic Audio, Jeff Howell, Ya!Ya Band, The Poker Dogs, Primeaux Blues Band, Clutch and more!

If you enjoy listening to these tracks we strongly reccommend that you help support these independant artists by purchasing their music on websites such as iTunes and, or on their individual websites.

Spend your lunch with the hungriest character of all time! Weekdays on RADIO SHOWBIZ you can hear some of the best tracks by Munch's Make Believe Band starting at 12:00 PM central for a full two hours of music from your favorite imaginary band. Is there a more perfect way to enjoy your lunch? We think not!

Wanting for relax to something different? Take a break and listen to RADIO SHOWBIZ on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM central for a full hour of classic Pizza Time tracks featuring some of the most famous Lounge & Cabaret acts! You never know what or who you might hear - Dolli Dimples, The King, The Beach Bowzers, The Beagles, Artie Antlers, and King Kat might just make an appearance!