Come ring in the New Year on RADIO SHOWBIZ!! Starting the day after Christmas, we'll be playing our special New Years playlist featuring countdowns to the year ahead, and also a great selection of rockin' party songs to help you get into the spirit! This special New Years playlist will only be available for one week, through January 2nd, so be sure to tune in - you won't want to miss it!!

Ready for some fun in the sun? Be sure to listen to RADIO SHOWBIZ all summer long! We'll be playing the best summertime songs from all your favorite animatronic bands, all summer long! This special playlist will play in addition to our regular broadcast from the beginning of June through the end of August every year.

In celebration of our nation's birthday, RADIO SHOWBIZ will be playing all your patriotic favorites! Tune in every July to hear your favorite tunes about America - songs about the different states in our country and a parade of other great U.S.A. themed tunes! Also be sure to listen for the Rock-afire Explosion's special Liberty Shows! This special playlist runs from the beginning of July through the end of Independence Day.

As an added bonus, this patriotic playlist will also air on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and other special occasions such as Election Day!

In celebration of Halloween, RADIO SHOWBIZ will feature 'lost' characters from Pizza Time's past. Tune in all October long and be reunited with these 'spooky' tracks from over 30 years ago. You'll also hear special Halloween-themed phone message from none other than Chuck E. Cheese. All this plus other haunting tracks will be playing in addition to our usual playlists.

When it's that magical time of year, RADIO SHOWBIZ is playing all your favorite holiday classics from the Rock-afire Explosion, Munch's Make Believe Band, and the Pizza Time Players! Be sure to listen for all these great holiday songs from all your favorite animatronic bands all season long! There's even a few extra surprises that can only be heard on our special holiday playlist so be sure to tune in! The magic starts at the beginning of November, when you can begin hearing holiday tunes intermixed with our standard playlists. Once Thanksgiving passes, our entire stream converts to 24/7 non-stop holiday classics!

Still can't get enough? Hearing these holiday tracks just once a year just doesn't cut it? We agree!! That's why we're also playing holiday tunes during our special "Christmas in July" event. From July 5th through the end of the month you can hear songs from our holiday playlist intermixed with our standard and summer playlists.