Segment 1
"Lion Sleeps Tonight"
"One World"

Intermission 1
Geography Rap
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear"
"Crocodile Rock"

Intermission 2
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Old MacDonald"
"Save Us From Extinction"

Intermission 3
Can Can
8 Minute Countdown

This has to be the best least it's my personal favorite! Everything's great: the songs, the intermission music, even the CEC TV Specials! This is the first show to use the different little cartoons, and walkaround skits for each minute in the countdown. The one that's probably most common to everyone is the "6 step shuffle" featuring Laurel & Hardy and Helen. Like the January show, Pasqually opens the show; with a great rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)". Charlie Rockit's also back and does an awesome job on "Croccodile Rock". The song "Can Can" is a variation of the famous tune but this version is about recycling. Even the "Geography Rap" is perfect for this tape since it's about Africa. As you probably guessed this tape has tons of outdoor and wildlife footage. Besides just the great music and video, the show conveys a great message about environmental care.

Recycled Songs - The Old MacDonald/Save Us From Extinction skit was reused later in 1993 on the Best of CEC TV Show. "One World" also reappeared on Spring Training 1993.

Charlie Rockit Voice - Charlie Rocket is voiced by Jeremy Blaido.

Birthday - This is now the second show with "Birthday Star" (still hidden and starts on #5). This is the first show to have the little pizza that indicates where the hidden birthday spots are!

Different Jasper Voices - Jasper's talking voice is different from the singing voice! He doesn't talk much on this show.

Song Remakes - "Lion Sleeps Tonight" has had a remake with the modern voice actors in the Fabulous World Adventure Show (Aug 99). This version is not done by Pasqually, but by Chuck E.

-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This show set some high standards back then. It would even be awesome today with the current voices! May 1992 deserves paws way up! The Entertainment Department did a great job. This show was a big improvement compared to the previous March 92 show which had great songs, but just seemed to drag by. Showtapes in 1992 started a trend of great shows that kept getting better and better until the great nose dive of 1998.