Segment 1
"Calling The World"
"Into Action"

Intermission 1
Veggie Tales: Monkey Silly Song
CEC Commercial

Segment 2
"Be Good Johnny"
"Life's Highway"

Intermission 2
CEC Special Reporty
Sing A Long Guys

Segment 3
"Get Up"
"It's a Beautiful Morning"

Intermission 3
Monkey Ninjas Episode 3

Segment 4
"I Like it Like That"

Intermission 4
Baking with Betty
Artist Spotlight
CEC Commercial

Segment 5
"When I think of You"
"Be Near Me"

Intermission 5
Hi-C Time Lapse Drawing

This show has several songs from the 80's including "Be Good Johnny"(1982), "Life's Highway" and "When I Think of You" (1986), "Be Near Me" and "When I Think of You" (1985).

This show has one song from the 90's which is "I Like it Like That" which was released in 1995. This show also has current songs from just last year "Calling the World" was released in 2007 and "Into Action" was relested in Febuary of this year. This show also features one song from the 60's - "A Beautiful Morning".

Men at Work - This is the 2nd show to feature a Men at Work song in the line up. The 1st one was back in September of 05 when CEC covered "Who Can it Be Now".

Character songs - Helen sings "When I Think of You" and "Into Action", Jasper sings "Life's Highway", and Pasqually sings "I Like it Like That" no Munch songs were included in this show.

Dept 18 Originals - All the songs in ths show are covers except for "Get Up" which is an original.

Studio C Puppets - The Studio C puppets background is the same as the January 2008 show. (Munch's background color was orange for that show and is orange for this one also) Helen sports her green bows in this show.

Video Footage - All the video footage is brand new in this show. The only reused footage is from the song "Be Near Me" (and that also has some new footage in it). The reused footage is with the dogs running around in "Be Near Me", and was first used in Jasper's song "Dog Jammin" from the Summer 2003-06 show.

Intermissions - The intermissions vary in this show, some are new and some are reused. Here is the list:

Interimission 1 -
Veggie Tales "Monkey Silly Song" - New
CEC Commerical - New

Intermission 2 -
ATV - New
CEC Special Report - New (promotes 10 free tokens inside Minute Maid juice boxes)
Sing A Long Guys - New

Intermission 3 -
Monkey Ninjas Episode 3 - Reused from September 2002 and Summer 2003
PBS Tag - New

Intermission 4 -
Baking with Betty - Reused from January 2001
CEC TV Artist Spotlight - Reused from January 2006
CEC Commerical - New

Intermission 5 -
Hi-C Time Lapse Drawing - New

Baking With Betty - This time around Betty gets off to a great start on a trail-mix recipe, until one of the ingredients gets her side tracked (once again) on a long winded, pointless story. Poor Pasqually!

Veggie Tales - This is the newest "Silly Song" from Big Idea, the makers of VeggieTales. This song can be seen on newest DVD entitled, "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's".

Department 18 Cameos - Robert Gotcher and Jeremy Bladio (voice of Jasper) are the Sing-A-Long Guys and their new song is the "Itsey Bitsey Spider". This is their first new one since the January 2006 show. Michael Hill makes no cameos in this show.

Pasqually Voice Substitute - Earl Fisher does not do Pasqually's singing voice for the song "I like it like that" - Robert Gotcher (director of CEC entertainment) does Pasqually's singing voice but Earl Fisher does his speaking voice for the show.

Birthday Break and Music - We get a new version of "Birthday Star" called "Birthday Star Extravaganza" that came out in December of 2007 (it came with the Holiday Show dvds). The Studio C puppets are in this version of the new birthday show and all versions have the puppets in them. The cast members can either choose between the 2 or 5 minute countdowns for the birthday show. At the very end of the Live show there is a photo session so that the kids can take pictures with Chuck E. the video footage is reused footage from "Hold My Hand" from the September 06 show. The only difference is that Department 18 added new music for the countdown.

April 08 Show Logo - The April 2008 show logo is reused from the January 2006 show.

-5 out of 5 Tokens-

I love this show. Everything about this show is a winner. Michael's programming was great and Robert choose some great songs and I'm happy that they reused great intermissions older like Baking with Betty and Monkey Ninjas. I give this show a 5 because it's awesome and the new intermissions are excellent as well.