Segment 1
"On Top of the World"
"Where Did Your Heart Go Missing?"

Intermission 1
Coke Spot
CEC News

Segment 2
"Super Chuck E"
"Pocket Full of Sunshine"

Intermission 2
Veggie Tales
PBS Kids

Segment 3
"Year 3000"
"I Need a Holiday"

Intermission 3
Alvin & the Chipmunks
Story Time with Chuck E.

Segment 4
"You're My Friend"
"I'm Shakin"

Intermission 4
Coke Spot
Blue Screen Time (Studio C)

The minute you start to hear this show you just get blown away with some of the good stuff that’s going to come out of this show. April 2009 is definitely a high-energy show with all modern songs of today. The show kicks off with Chuck E singing Boys like Girls song “On Top of the World” then we come to find out something’s wrong with Munch so Chuck makes a call to a famous Phil to see if maybe he can help. He suggests seeing where Munch’s heart went missing so the band goes into Rooney’s “When did You Heart go Missing”. Segment 2 starts off with Chuck E. becoming “Super Chuck E.” and saves the world one pizza at a time. Following that Helen goes and brings the sunshine in with “Pocketful of Sunshine”. Next segment takes up all the way into the future with the “Year 3000” from the Jonas Brothers who actually get mentioned in the show. They’re actually Munch’s favorite band and even there song couldn’t shake Munch’s blues away. So Chuck E. calls a friend of his from home office named “Lulu”. She suggests for Munch to take a holiday. So Chuck and the band go into Scouting for Girls song “Holiday”. Final segment begins with Chuck singing “You’re my Friend” by Ziggy Marley. At the conclusion of that song we finally find out what caused Munch’s stomachache. Munch got real hungry and couldn’t find anything in the kitchen and ate some of the Skee Balls! Totally did not see that one coming, and well we conclude this show with Jasper singing Rooney’s “Shake it”. Funny note is how the show ends with Jasper just taking to himself about how he needs to change the oil in his car, and how he doesn’t have 13mm sockets sets to unbolt him from the stage! Classic robot joke indeed!!

Character Songs - Chuck E sings “On Top of the World”, “When Did Your Heart go Missing”, “Super Chuck E”, “Year 3000”,“I Need a Holiday”, and “You’re my Friend”. Helen sings “Pocket Full of Sunshine”. Finally Jasper sings “Shake It”. Again second show in a row Munch and Pasqually don’t have any songs in this show, However how can Munch sing when his tummy is full of Skee Balls?

Dept 18 Originals - “Super Chuck E.” is a parody of the song “Jungle Boogie” which during the Super Chuck Summer promotion was Chuck E’s theme when he was fighting crime all during the summer of 2005.

Dept 18 Cameos - Michael Hill makes a small cameo in “On Top of the World”. Robert makes a cameo as a guest at CEC in “You’re my Friend”. Finally Robert, Michael and Ryan make a cameo as Jaspers band members in Jaspers “Shake It” video

Who is that singing? - In the song “On top of the World” you can hear a voice you have never heard before, well because it was new. Robert Gotcher actually stepped in and sung the back up vocals for this song. Why you ask? Well when they were recording the show they forgot to get Jasper to sing certain parts so instead Robert jumped in and filled them in. When the song was programmed for the 3 Stage Pizzacam was the voice of Robert, which looked way cool.

Puppets - The Studio C puppets were not used in this show. To try something different Dept 18 actually used the 3 Stage robots from home office. Very cool for all of us who love the 3 stage.

Intermission - Dept 18 went way into the vault and picked out one of my personal favorite CEC TV skits. It’s all the way from August 1997 and it’s the one where every joke has to do with potatoes. It was great to see it rotated in the show again.

Intermission 2 - The 2 countdowns in this show were actually recycled from the January 2007 Show and added some new (and catchy) intermission music. There the ones with Chuck and the others taking over home office, and the canyon and skyline footage.

Super Chuck E. Footage - The footage for the song is actually recycled from “Secret Agent Man” from all the way back from August 1997 Show. They actually reedited the footage to give it a newer vibe. Very well done editing Ryan!

Holiday Footage - In the video for this song it has 4 CEC cast members dancing on treadmills. I’m sure most of yall know what this is a parody of right? If you don’t it’s actually a parody of OK Go’s “Here we go” where the band members are dancing on treadmills. The idea for the CEC video parody was actually an idea of Ryan Hollingsworth.

Show Writer - I’m sure you’re curious as to who wrote this show? Well it was the voice of Mr. Chuck E Cheese himself Duncan Brannan.

Show Voices - Duncan did the voice of Dr Phil in this show when Chuck E calls him. Lulu is obviously played my Jeremy Blaido who basically doing his Betty impression. Now Lulu is actually based on someone from home office and that person is Lois Perry who Betty was also based on as well.

Unused Skit - There was an unused skit in this show that only made it to paper and not to audio. It was going to be in Segment 2 where Chuck E calls our former President George W Bush. More can be seen on Duncan’s myspace.

Blue Screen Skit (Studio C Only) - The blue screen skit might look a little familiar. Yup that’s right it’s the exact same one from the January Show. You know the one where they're going all through Dallas and surrounding areas?

Show Logo - The logo for this show has a guy walking by a fence and all this animation is popping up on and off the fence which comes together and forms the words CEC TV

-5 out of 5 Tokens-

This was a BIG winner in my eyes. Not very many shows have gotten the 5 Token rating but this one definitely deserves it. The songs are catchy, the intermissions were good and the show was overall entertaining. This show was a winner from the beginning to the end. Great job Dept 18 keep them coming!