-2.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's show time! One, two, three, four... Jumpin! Everybody jumpin! Chuck and the crew have put together a new live show. It's called "Jumpin'" and is much different than any live show released before. The song has a hip beat, and pretty much the lyrics are repetitive... "Jumpin, everybody jumpin'. Hey hey, jumpin. Everybody jumpin." Helen has a solo, and then it goes back to the repetitive part.

Jumpin' has all new footage, shot outside a store with Phase IV. Michael Hill really went crazy with the lighting on this live show. Pay close attention during Helen's solo! Michael Hill is also the announcer for this show, and does an awesome annoucement!

I was excited to hear we finally had a new live show in the mix, but once I played this I felt let down. There really isn't any structure in the song, it's too repetitive, and it doesn't seem to fit in with the CEC Concept (present day, at least). When asked how to perform this show, everyone seems clueless. Perhaps jumping around? However, that would get old after the first six or seven jumps... so what do you do?

I think this show would've been better released in 2007, now that live shows come with training material. I've been to multiple stores and asked different cast and management if they use it, if they don't and why they do... why they don't. Out of about 5 stores I visited, not one uses it. They don't know what to do with it, either. I knew my store was clueless, but I thought maybe it was just us. The others said they same thing my store did, we can't jump around for 2 minutes straight. It's just asking for a kid to get hurt! Picture this... a busy Saturday, 2 PM... 7 parties going on. That's what we go through. Can you imagine 100 kids up there just jumping?

My review for this one is a little harsh, but hey I asked around before I just listed my opinions. The song has potential, but no direction. It's not too late to release a training DVD for it like we got for Old MacDonald LIVE 2007 and Hokey Pokey 2007. I think if we got atleast some training material for it, more and more stores would use it as the cast like the upbeat song as opposed to "Havin' a Party" or the famous "Chuck E. March." I gave this show 2.5 out of 5 tokens, because I feel it was just thrown at the stores. We can only hope in the future there is some type of training DVD released for Jumpin', and I'm pretty confident it would be used more.