Jasper T. Jowls

Jasper T. Jowls was one of the original cast members and part of the original group of "nitwits". Jasper has transformed over the years from a hound dog with uncontrollable laughter to a quick-witted and cynical companion, all the while maintaining his laid-back country style.

Late 1970s / Early 1980s

During his concept design, Jasper was known as Billy "Banjo" Boggs which Atari even went as far as to copyright1, though this working title was changed prior to his introduction at the very first Pizza Time Theatre in 19772. Jasper was described as "the doggondest banjo-strummin', country-singin' hound around. He'll laught at anything!"3 The idea for Jasper came from Robert Allen Black, who worked for the advertising firm used by Atari / Pizza Time Theatre, and Gene Landrum, Pizza Time Theatre's original president. They wanted the show to include a country-western character since country music was gaining in pouplarity at the time.4

Jasper T. Jowls was originally voiced by Scott Paulin from 1977 through 1985. Paulin's version of Jasper was easily excitable and had a contagious laughter. It caused a running gag of Chuck E. Cheese calling call out "turn off the fruitcake dog, turn off the fruitcake dog!" - telling the behind the scenes tech to temporarily shut off the power to Jasper. One of his early 'signature' songs was "Roots in the Country"5, which was an original PTT song that detailed his background as a laid-back hound from the country. Also a testament to his country roots, the original gift shop / prize counter was titled "Jasper's General Store".

Jasper was also the only character who flirted heavily with the majority of the female guest stars - notably Sally Sashay, Foxy Colleen, and Harmony Howlette, likely because of their similarities to dogs. By 1983 Jasper's personality began to soften and his wild-side subsided making his character more versitle in both singing parts and the types of songs he was given.

Late 1980s

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The 1990s

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The 2000s - Today

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