Segment 1
"Go To Chuck E Cheese"

Intermission 1
CECTV ID - Diving Into Pool
Monkey Ninjas - Episode 7
Sing-a-Long Guys - "Bingo"

Segment 2
"Keep it Groovin'"

Intermission 2
CECTV ID - Sunrise
Coke Spot # 1
Wow Wow Wubzzy Spot
VJ Spot w/ Matt

Segment 3
"Opposite Day"

Intermission 3
Kung Fu Panda DVD Spot
Shrek the Halls Spot
Super Jasper 'Staring Contest'
Birthday Spot

Segment 4
"Trash Man"

Intermission 4
CECTV ID - Radio Towers
ETV / Coke Spot # 2
VJ Spot w/ Matt

Segment 5
"What Up"

Intermission 5
CECTV - Parachute ID
Veggie Tales
Sky Diving
Fundraising Spot

Segment 6
"Chuck E's Place"

Intermission 6
Martha Speaks Spot
Firehouse Spot
VJ Spot w/ Matt

Segment 7
"First Impression"
"Just Being Me"

Intermission 7
CECTV ID - Falling Apples
CECTV Artist Spotlight - Sara Hickman "Always a Saint"
PBS Kids Spot
Will Frye the Nutrition Guy
VJ Spot w/ Matt

The September 2008 Show is a 'Best Of' show featuring the best original songs and parodies between 2003 - 2008. This includes songs and intermissions from January 2004, April 2004 (the Chuck E. Cheese Show), September 2004 (also named the Chuck E Cheese Show but with a different logo), January 2005, April 2005, January 2006, January 2007, and the April 2007 shows! It also has a reused intermission from the January & Summer 2008 shows.

Some great segments were included here. “Keep It Groovin’” is a song teaching us no matter what life throws at us, make sure to keep it groovin’ and movin’ (Interesting to note, the video footage for “Keep It Groovin’” was shot at the Texas State Fair back in October 2004). "Opposite Day" with the backwards video footage. "What Up" (that has the same flavor as "CEC Chuck E Cheese") and I'm very glad they are using it in this show. "Chuck E's Place" has a modern remake twist to a classic CEC song, and let me tell you... this remake is probably one of the best redone CEC songs I have ever seen! The voice actors did an awesome job with it, and the music is very upbeat and better than the original. "First Impression" is upbeat - and the video footage is especially fun to watch because the Department 18 guys are dressed up as cowboys (with Jeremy dressed as the Singing Cowboy from Dance Party) on a farm.

There is reused dialogue in this this show also, which is from the segment "Trash Man" from January 2007. Also recycled is dialogue from "First Impression" and "Just Being Me" from the April 2004 show. Everything was recycled from previous shows. After the songs are over, all the curtains immediately close (this is just for the Studio C version if you have real working curtains). In all, I think everything worked out great for this 'Best Of' show.

Studio C (Part 1) - There is no puppet footage for this show. When the dialogue starts it just has the 'Best of' Show logo on the screen.

Studio C (Part 2) - Chuck's curtains open and Chuck tells the kids to go to the blue screen and to interact during the Sky diving spot and when the footage comes on Chuck's curtains close again.

Character Songs - Jasper sings "First Impression" and "Opposite Day" and Munch sings "Go to Chuck E Cheese". No Helen or Pasqually songs have been reused. All the characters have major parts in "Chuck E's Place".

Go To Chuck E Cheese - Jon Bowen's show announcer intro for "Go To Chuck E Cheese" is not reused in this show like it was for the September 2004 show and the April 2002 show.

Originals & Parodies - "Keep it Groovin", "Opposite day", "What up", "First Impression", and "Just Being Me" are all Dept 18 originals. "Trash Man" is a parody of the Beatles' song "Tax Man" and "Go To Chuck E Cheese" is a parody of "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors.

Song Remakes - "Chuck E's Place" is a classic CEC song with a modern remake.

New Intermissions - The new intermissions for this show are as follows: Veggie Tales, CEC Artist Spotlight featuring Sara Hickamn, "Always a Saint", Kung Fu Panda Spot, Shrek the Halls DVD spot, and the Wubzzy Spot. Also Will Frye The Nutrition Guy is back once again with a twist. (Nothing new, except for different music during the Egyptian pyramid part). This episode of Nutrition Corner has been used in several shows in 1998, and once again in Chuck E's Variety Show.

Department 18 Cameos - Jeremy Blaido, Robert Gotcher, and Matt Schartz all appear as cowboys (with huge moustaches) in "First Impression" - Jeremy is dressed as the Singing Cowboy. Matt Schartz makes a quick cameo in "What Up". Robert Gotcher and Jeremy Blaido are the Sing-A-Long Guys. Also Matt Schartz is also the host for this show, and you can see him in his VJ Spots.

CEC TV IDs - CEC TV IDs are the short animated bumpers usually found at the beginning and/or end of each intermission. All of the CECTV IDs are reused in this show here is a list of them:

Intermission 1 - Diving into pool - Jan 07
Intermission 2 - Chucke E sunrise ID - Sept 03/04, April 07 and Summer 07/08
Intermission 3 - Song Jingle2 ID - Sept 01, January 03, and the Sept 04
Intermission 4 - Radio Towers - Jan 05 & April 05
Intermission 5 - CEC TV Parachuting - September 03, January & April 07
Intermission 6 - CECTV Stars ID - April 2002 & Summer 2004
Intermission 7 - Falling Apple - January 05, April 05, April 08
Intermission 8 - Singing Fish ID - April 05 & Sept 06

Best Of CEC TV - September 2008 Show is the newest 'generic show' and can be played at any time beyond its store run. It replaces the generic "Best of CECTV" (January 2003) Here is the official list of where the songs and intermissions came from:

January 2002 - Will Frye the Nutrition Guy
January 2003 - Skydiving
January 2004- "Chucke E's Place", Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas (Episode 5)
April 2004 - "First Impression", "Just Being Me"
September 2004 - "What up", "Go to Chuck E Cheese", Super Jasper 'Staring Contest'
January 2005 - "Keep it Groovin", Firehouse Spot
April 2005 -"Opposite Day"
January 2006 -Sing-A-Long Guys "Bingo"
April 2006 - Skateboarding
January 2007 - "Trashman"
January and Summer 2008 - Birthday Spot September 2008 (New) - Veggie tales, CECTV Artist Spotlight, Dreamworks Spots, PBS Kids, & Wubzzy Spots

Best of CECTV Show Logo - First we see Chuck E playing the guitar and Helen wearing a red shirt and purple pants, then the next clip shows Munch dressed up in a suit and Jasper taking his hat off of his head. Lastly we see Pasqually standing for a quick second towards the end of the logo. You can see a person throughout the show logo with camera lights flashing and finally at the very end it says "Best of CEC" Show with Chuck E stading next to the "C". Pretty Awesome Logo! :)

Birthday Break and Music - This show also contains the new version of "Birthday Star" called "Birthday Star Extravaganza".

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

I think this show was okay but I have to say that they had to many paid for commercials in this show (Kung Fu Ppanda and Shrek the Halls). Well at least once the generic show gets shipped out those spots won't be in the gerneric 'Best Of' show. As far as the segments go, I loved listening to and watching the video footage from 2003-08. Great song choices but I feel Pasqually should have had a song. Oh well there's always the January 09 show and hopefully he'll have a solo for that show! :)