Segment 1
"Hour Glass"
"Let's Dance"

Intermission 1
Monsters vs. Aliens Ppromo
PBS Spot
Coke Spot

Segment 2
"Good to be Alive"
"Some Day Some Way"

Intermission 2
Sing Along guys - "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Birthday Promo

Segment 3
"Fall for Everyone"

Intermission 3
CEC TV Artist Spotlight - Ziggy Marley "Family time"
Monsters vs. Aliens promo # 2
Coke Spot # 2

Segment 4
"Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground"
"I'm Gonna Dream"

Intermission 4
Baking with Betty

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT NO WAY! It’s finally September already. This means only one thing – it’s time for a new show. This one starts off with a classic 80’s song called “Hourglass”. After that Jasper gets caught up in finding out the year that song came out and Munch starts reminiscing about a place he use to go that had the new games of the time like Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede. Helen reminds him that it was Chuck E Cheese’s and then Jasper goes on about saying “The next thing you’re gonna tell us is that it reminds you of a kids’ place with robots on the stage”. Hmm I wonder what place there talking about. (See the Behind the Cheese for the answer) Then they went into the song “Let’s Dance” and that ends that segment.

Moving on to Segment 2, the show starts a little late by the band doing sound check. Apparently Jasper is a bit late by being distracted and is causing the show to be a little delayed. It’s so bad that the stage manager “Rob” (aka Robert Gotcher) reminds them they’re running a little late. Chuck, having an idea yells “squirrel” and Jasper freaks out. So we go into “So Good to Be Alive”. Following that Jasper was squirreling around with a new country tune “Someday Someway”.

In Segment 3 we try to pick out some “Toppings” for our pizza. At the end of the song Pasqually is still trying to figure out why he loves the song. Well for obvious reasons that it’s a song about pizza toppings and he’s a chef? Munch was nice enough to point out the obvious for Pasqually and then Helen pulls out her new song entitled “Fall for Everyone”.

At the conclusion of that segment we go on to segment 4 which begins with Helen singing “Don’t let Your Feet Touch Ground”. Concluding that song it ends with a message for everyone to be in a positive mood - such a good mood that Pasqually decides to tell a joke and Jasper actually wants him to tell it. The joke was a recurring joke from the January 2009 Show but with a different punchline. It’s the knock knock joke, but it was a segue to the next song for the show titled “I’m Gonna Dream”

Character Songs - Chuck E sings “Hourglass”, “Let’s Dance”, “Toppings” and “I’m Gonna Dream”. Helen sings “So Good to be Alive”, “Fall for Everyone”, and “Don’t let Your Feet Touch Ground”. Finally Jasper get us with his country tune (what a shocker lol) “Someday Someway”

Dept 18 Cameos - Michael Hill makes a cameo as a farmer with Jasper in “Someday Someway”

Puppets - The Studio C puppets are absent in this show again. They used the 3-stage robots from home office. They did the same thing in the April 2009 Show.

Intermission – There was a lot recycled skits in this show and here’s where all those skits came from:

NASA - April 2005
Baking with Betty - Sept 01
Sing Along Guys - April 08
Amphibicar - Sept 01
Birthday Promo - Summer 09
Juggling (footage) - Sept 03 (the music was from April 07)

Intermission 2 - Coke spots are only on Existing Stages only

ShowBiz Pizza Place References…again? - That’s right for another show ShowBiz got another reference. When Jasper goes off about saying “The next thing your gonna tell us is that it reminds you of a kids place robots on the stage” that is ShowBiz he’s referring to.

CEC Artist Spotlight - It’s amazing that they actually have someone who’s father was a very well known musician. The spotlight was on Ziggy Marley son of famous singer Bob Marley and his heart warming song called “Family Time” which also features clips of his late father. Another major cool was that before the song Ziggy and his daughter make a shout out to Chuck E Cheese’s

Show Logo - The logo was reused from both Sept 06 and 07. This logo is almost becoming the official “September” logo.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

This show definitely has a very different vibe to it. It’s not as upbeat as the last few shows but it does have a very good variety to it of originals and non-CEC music. Now I know there's a lot of people who do not like this show as much but I can honestly say I enjoy it a lot. If you work at a store it's good to work with (where your not like saying “Oh no not this song again didn’t we just hear that song like not too long ago?”) So this show gets 4 Tokens from me for not being one of those shows that gets on your nerves and plus it has good songs and good messages in the songs.